Film title in English
Duration (Minutes:Seconds)
Country of production
Language of the movie
Laurie Ravaux Léa Rouaud
Léa Rouaud
Short synopsis
Winter 2175, Zélie tries to convince Iris to change her diet.
Les Nébuleuses
Production date
Movie news
Artistic and Technical Cast
Iris - Manon Girardi
Zélie - Laurie Ravaux

Script - Caroline Bernard

Chef Opérateur - Gaël Rezé
Cadreur - Nicolas Burnage

Ingénieur son - Samuel Debout
Perchman - Enzo Guibbani

Chef Décorateur - André Mourizard

Cheffe Maquilleuse - Yolaine Deste
Cheffe Costumière - Anaïs Blanc

Régisseuse Générale - Alexia Duboeuf

Directeur de Post-production - Nicolas Burnage
Montage - Sandra Loterstein
Étalonnage - Marie-Laure Blancho
Mixage Son - Samuel Debout
Compositeur Bande-originale - Thierry Rouaud

Special Thanks :
ALEIS - Cinéloc - Sarah Beaulieu - Katya Baryshnikova - Andréa Collaro - Adrien Giffard - Beatrice Messina - Antoine Mess - Brian Messina - Martine Mourizard - André Mourizard - Emmanuelle Ravaux - Thierry Rouaud
Comments from the film Director
With Inhuman, we want to talk about a subject with a funny and offbeat tone. We imagined a future during the Winter 2175 where Humans had to make choices to survive.
We would like to talk about a serious subject with a light tone, without a frontal impact. We want interesting discussion at the end of the movie.
In the stating, I expressly did a long introduction without any dialogue because it seems important to place the atmosphere of the space to the caracteres before initiate discussions. This introduction helps to put the spectators in the universe of the caracteres, but also to disturb him.
The stage takes place in Winter 2175, but we can see caracteres in a hot and dry set that remins us the summer. I use a post-apocalyptic music like « Little House » ! I thank of this set because it was fully construct with recycled object. A place where I felt out of time and outside desire specification range. It was the perfect atmosphere to shoot my shortfilm.
I choose for the image a vintage ambiance to create an other discrepancy, but temporal this time. We are in 2175 but the image stay old because she has to back off too because of the changement imposed by the future.
I was inspired by the colors of « Blade Runner », the light of « Stranger Things” and the vintage aspect of “First Man”.
Broadly speaking, the costumes, the image and the set, I want to lose all the temporal index so we can be connect directly with Iris and Zelie.
It’s a strong choice of staging that I took for the entire short-film. I always wanted to put a disagreement between what we see and what we heard.
I wanted the dialogues like this too. A few members of the team are vegetariens and we talked about these endless discussions about our diet. The character of Zelie represent all this people who had discussion with us about vegetarism. She asks questions et tell her trues without real argument, a desire to show the inconsistency of Iris’s way of life. She says the type of sentences we heard so many times and I wanted to put them on the film. Iris is the steorype of a vegetarian. Tall, blond hair et tell her point of view as if she was in a ad for biologic product. We transpose here there discussion by pretending that is a debate between omnivor and vegetarian people. Everything depends on discovery : Zelie eats humans.
It’s the new diet of the century.
For the visual to be strong and to leave no place for doubts, I choose an human hand.
C’est le nouveau mode alimentaire de l’époque.
J’ai choisi une main humaine pour que le visuel soit fort et qu’il ne laisse place à aucun doute lorsqu’on la découvre à la fin. Here again, the chosen visual is misleading and aims to cause a stall so that the spectator understands that all this is imaginary: If the population has begun to eat humans, it is unlikely that we will start cooking hands because they contain no energy value.
The purpose of this short film is not to feeling guilty, but rather to make the viewer wonder
about all modes of consumption. We do not take the side of Zelie or Iris so that everyone
can identify with one or the other.
I wondered with this film, would it be possible for everyone to be agree with themselves and
their way of life? Will everyone be able to respect each other and their diet, or will the
climate emergency and the common interest for the planet outweigh the ideas?