Diego Gisbert, after studying art for several years, he works as a freelance illustrator and concept artist for the entertainment industry.
He has taught both traditional illustration (anatomy, color theory, traditional techniques, etc.) as well as digital painting and concept art, and was a Concept Artist at Mercury Steam Entertainment, creating environments, user interface, icons, props, characters, storyboard. He was artistic support for the Castlevania project: Lords of Shadow 1-2 and Mirror of Fate.


Sebastian Badea, with an experience of fifteen years in the VFX-industry, his currently working as an Animation Supervisor, for feature film projects at Trixter in Berlin, where he his been mostly working in the role of Animation Lead for 2,5 years. His area of expertise is Character and Creature Animation, from biped through quadruped to sextaped, motion, acting or action, choreography, exact emphases, clear expression, storytelling and dynamics. "It's easier to animate realistically what you actually can do or know, than just to guess."



Stefano Lodovichi is an Italian director and screenwriter. In 2007 he wrote and directed his first short film, No End, with the contribution of the Sienese university and presented at the Visionaria International Film Festival, while two years later he made the short film Dueditre. In 2013 he released his first feature film as a director, Aquadro, In 2015 his second film, In fondo al bosco, was released in theaters. In 2020 he directed the film The Room with Camilla Filippi, Guido Caprino and Edoardo Pesce, released on Prime Video on January 4, 2021.



Cinzia Angelini, director and creator of animated films,in her 25-year career, has worked for some of the major international studios. She has collaborated as both a 2D and 3D animator and story artist with Warner Brothers, Sony Imageworks, Duncan Studio, Disney Animation Studios, Dreamworks and Illumination Entertainment. Some of the films he has worked on are: Balto, The Prince of Egypt, Spirit, Spider-Man2, Bolt, Minions, and Cattivissimo Me 3. She is currently directing the animated feature film HITPIG at Cinesite Studios. Her passion in promoting animation to tell stories with a strong social meaning, led her to talk about it to two TEDx in Trento and Vail, Colorado. Since 1997 Cinzia has been working in Los Angeles, where she lives with her family. She wrote and currently directs "Mila", a high-quality computer graphics short film about a child whose life takes an unexpected turn during World War II. The short was nominated for Oscar 2021 in the category Best Short Film.



Dave Rosebaum, is chief creative officer at Cinesite and Aniventure overseeing the feature animation division of the entertainment services company. He is responsible for all creative aspects of the company's output, as well as cultivating new talent to work on a slate of upcoming releases. Before joining Cinesite, Dave was VP of talent at Chris Meledandri's Illumination Entertainment; he was with the company since its inception. Films created whilst he was with the company were some of Universal Studios' most profitable of all time. Previously, Dave was also at Dreamworks and an Executive Producer for Screen Imagination Agency (SIA) in Eastern Europe. Dave's directorial debut, The Picture of Dorian Gray. Dave earned dual degrees (BSBA and BA) from the University of Richmond in Virginia where was presented the University's highest award, The University Mace. He also holds a Masters Degree in Producing from the American Film Institute (AFI).