HALL OF HEROES - A quarantined web documentary

The Art Department is the magic box, the forge of the Cyclops and the first "wall" on which the magic of cinema takes shape in the pre-production of the film. From the concept to the first sketches of characters and settings, from design to prototyping of machines and props, from the visualization of the story to its first animated translations. The Hall of Heroes features materials produced by the Art Departments of the most important Hollywood “genre” productions: Disney-Pixar, Industrial Light & Magic and Weta Digital.

A journey in the form of a documentary for the web that takes us to studios and workshops located in different countries, whose materials are shared at a distance with often very hectic deadlines. From William Simpson's Storyboarding (Games of Thrones) to Edvige Faini's Character Design (Maleficent, Pirates of the Caribbean, Krampus) from the direction of photography "painted" by Sharon Calahan (Ratatouille, Cars 2, Arlo's Journey) to dinosaur studies of Jurassic World by Glen McIntosh.