The winners of the competition Stories

The fourth edition of Heroes International Film Festival announced the short films that won the Festival’s Stories competition.
Among more than 3000 projects from all over the world, the quality jury composed of Michal Lim, Matteo Moriconi and Antonia Grimaldi has decided the winners.

Lost At Sea (Spain) won the Best Short Film for the category Independent Short Film: for the power of a story at the same time precise and indefinite, and for the original and recognizable technique used to address one of the most important issues of global contemporaneity.

Galibot (France) has been awarded the Best Short Film Award for the category Graduation Short Film: for having been able to challenge the level of great professional animation by telling a tiny and committed story, intimate and moving.

Super Jesus (Italy) received the Special Mention for dealing with sensitivity and imagination an important theme, localizing it in a credible and intimate Italy and telling it in an original and innovative way.

Thanks to all participants.